Why should you hire remote developer for your team

The pandemic has established remote work as the future, and in cases where offices have given up their space and are choosing alternative hiring sources, it might be pointless to hire employees full-time, pay them wages, and manage administrative overhead.

In such situations, if you have a technical project on the go, it’s a must to hire remote developers to achieve project success. 


Reasons to hire a remote developer for your business

1. Access to a large talent pool

When hiring developers remotely, the larger the search radius, the more likely you will locate a talented and experienced developer. You gain access to an immense pool of talent

2. Coverage of time zones

A remote team of developers also acts as a support team that could help with tickets and hold-up issues in different time zones. It improves the user experience because the issue can be resolved quickly and moving through features and iterations is much quicker.

3. Availability:

Software engineering and development is a specialized field: software engineers, data scientists, front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers… You may not be able to lure the tech talent you need, especially if it’s nowhere near a tech hub. Hiring remotely removes geographical limitations, opening you up to a world of potential candidates.

4. Productivity:

Employers debated this for a long time, but it is now accepted that remote workers are more productive than their in-office talents.

5. Affordability:

Hiring remotely reduces office expenses. You don’t have to provide office space, desk, computer, internet service, or amenities. On average, employers save $11,000/per telecommuter/per year.

6. Collaboration:

Remote developers tend to network more freely and more frequently over the web, generating input and ideas from more people. This means more open-minded ideation and results in better-end products.


Where can I find a remote developer?

The largest percentage of traditional hires come from referrals, you will most likely find your remote developer online. Below are some of the best ways a hiring manager can find a remote hire.

1. Freelancer outsourcing

Freelance sites offer many high-quality developers, both on general freelance sites such as UpWork and tech-focused sites like Toptal, which boast the top 1-3% of freelance tech talent available. Freelancers are contract developers; you post your job and make your choice from the candidates who respond. 

2. Remote job boards

Niche job boards are similar to well-known popular job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn, but focused specifically on a tech field. There are several tech-focused job board sites like Toptal, where developers looking for remote work can post their resumes, and hiring managers can post jobs to find remote developers that match their needs. 

Some niche job boards are part of developer communities, like Remoteplatz, GitHub and Stack Overflow. These draw a lot of web traffic from the developer community, so are good places for job postings that get a lot of visibility from the world’s best developers.

3. Talent marketplace

Talent marketplace is the platform where you can find and hire remote developers that are matched to your project. These platforms can help you, contract employees, extend your own resources with extra help, or provide the talent to complete your project for you. They take the hassle out of hiring. 

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