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I am Oleg. I have been working in software development over 15 years. My favorite technologies is Java based. I also comfortable with Python. Right now I am Lead Software Engineer and work under distributed microservices projects. I am ready to work as in team as individually.

I am Oleg. I have been working in software development over 15 years. My favorite technologies is Java based. I also comfortable with Python. Right now I am Lead Software Engineer and work under distributed microservices projects. I am ready to work as in team as individually.

development team lead
EPAM Systems
Nov'15- present

One of the biggest outsourcing company in the world. Project 1. Implement messaging system for one of Switzerland's bank. My responsibility is to develop an architecture of the system, resolving technical problems between customer and a team, be a team leader for 10 developers: sprint planning, technical documentation, development and testing, verify code quality and task implementation, stabilize continuous integration. As result I have successfully released first version with very good feedback from the customer. Project 2. New project for a customer that provides an animal genomic evaluation. Started from proofs-of-concept of workflow and decision automation platform with test projects and demos for the customer (as results we use Camunda). Then I was responsible (as team leader for 5 developers) for investigation, technical design and implementation of micro-services for communication between the core system and external partners (like laboratories, associations etc.). As result, I successfully released two versions of the service. Project 3. For Health Economic project of pharmacological client, I implemented two brand new features including back-end (Spring, Oracle, REST) and front-end (JS, AngularJS) parts: system sub-modules monitoring and calculation template uploading and validation using MS Excel (instead of manual input and validation; it decreased data uploading from tens of minutes to seconds). Initially these features were provided by me and were finally accepted by the customer phone: +7-921-326-88-11 (9:00 - 21:00 UTC +3) e-mail:

senior software developer
Mar'13- Nov'15

The company provides own ecosystem for learning content management. Project 1. The main role was to implement a brand-new observability module that collected different statistics from various sources and provided it with post- processing. First, I implemented architecture for server and lightweight client parts, selected suitable tools and frameworks. Then I configured AWS as a service provider, database configuration for high load communication (NoSQL/MongoDB) As a result, I released the first version of the module: single-page UI (Grails/AngularJS) with basic filters, extremely small and fast client, server module (all calculations were in web part). As results, I increased skills with web-development, worked with popular frameworks: Grails, AngularJS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. I was working directly with the customer as a team leader (up to 10 developers). I become more closely to the system architecture and intersystem communications. Project 2. Support for a big questionnaire and survey system. I fixed bugs and implemented small new features using Tapestry + JavaScript.

senior software developer
Jul'10- Mar'13

Company specializes on developing financial software and one of the biggest projects is multi-tier applications for trading on electronic stock exchanges. As a unit of the core team, I implemented several new features for the two system releases. I initiated and then improved the order validation subsystem that extremely increased new features implementation speed. Another result was moving from antique ant builder to maven, which decreases complexity of the delivery process and support branches. And finally, I implemented local stand-alone system start for following integration tests. Many times, helped GUI team to implement new features; I implemented own UI components. I acquired skills for financial development, risk and commission management, advanced skills in Swing and RMI. Additionally, I implemented communication with new 3rd part clients (like stock markets).

software developer
T Systems CIS
Jul'07- Jul'09

The company is a part of the Deutsche Telecom GmbH and produces different projects (at most in Telecommunications and Automotive area) for German customers. Worked with several projects implementing business logic using Java technology. Most projects were huge multi-tier systems. Worked on the client side in Germany with all communication in German with positive feedback. Project 1. For the cargo control system, I successfully implemented the first version of the system by existed UML diagrams. I improved the quality of the navigation module for the mobile unit using more efficient compress algorithms. Project 2. For city public transport control system, I improved alarm system for the broken vehicles. Within a couple of days have started working on the unknown environment: openSUSE + Emacs + Qt.

Information and Measurement Technique and technology
zu 2003
Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"

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