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I am Rohan! a Full Stack Developer with over 4 years of experience. I am skilled at Python, Flask, Docker, and Docker Compose. I have alread

I am Rohan! a Full Stack Developer with over 4 years of experience. I am skilled at Python, Flask, Docker, and Docker Compose. I have alread

Senior Full Stack Developer
A Voice Assisted Video Conferencing
Jan'20- present

Platform with React and Flask! - Blog An (almost) Decentralized Facial WORK EXPERIENCE Recognition System with Raspberry Pi Zeros! - Blog Software Engineer Failed - An AI to recognize emotions,, Malta | Remote | Jan 2020 - present • 7 mos apparel, body pose, and activity in images on Instagram! - Blog I was the lead developer for a proprietary data labelling platform built with Python which served over ~10 full time data-labellers An AI tool to detect your facial expressions while you watch a video! - who labelled ~600,000 images. Added transfer learning to improve Blog efficiency by ~200% An AI Chrome Extension to fight Fake Architected & developed an AI Model Training Platform (TLT- News! - Blog and many more Lightning). Micro-services with Docker. Backend with Python, Flask, RabbitMQ, Celery & Redis. Frontend with React. Self-hosted on in-house GPU Clusters PROUD OF Managed a team of 4 Devs. - I led UI/UX design, managed deliverables through Github Projects Kanban, & continuous code Ranking Top on Google for "Docker on a reviews Raspberry Pi" Prepare atriculate technical documents, concise SLAs & enterprise Getting featured over 3 times on's grade presentations for corporate partners, clients & leads. Official Twitter Handle

AI Application Developer
Azure IOT Technical Blog
Sep'18- Jan'20

1 yr 5 mos Giving a "Docker for Newbies" seminar to over ~150 attendes in a Tier 1 college Architected, built & deployed fully Docker-ised system analytics platform, with React, Flask for over ~5 Nvidia Jetson, embedded- Linux devices. Led a team of 2. CURRENTLY EXPLORING Lend technical expertise to corporate partners & clients and, An AI to attend video calls using Speech- represented the company at over 3 conferences to-Text, TTS, Google DialogFlow Identified need for a CI/CD pipeline, reached out to TravisCI Sales, BlockChain, Smart Contracts, Ethereum opened a LOC &, took complete ownership until signing of terms and all the good stuff! I mentored 3 interns, to become Devs. in 1,3 & 6 months resp. & Advanced Kubernetes Concepts, Helm helped shaped culture as we grew from 2-3 to over 15 employees Charts and more

R&D Developer
Jan'17- Sep'18

1 yr 1 mos MORE? Built sites, CMSs & POVs with Python Django, Flask, & Heroku, I released "Incitement" my debut guitar instrumental album on Spotify, Apple TravisCI, AWS, GCP, & Azure Cognitive Services Music, and more Built scheduling software that saved >150 hours/qtr, served ~130 I also am the Co-Host of the Podcast "The users in ~15 days Rohan & Max Show" on Spotify Learned how to cut my own hair,

Software Engineer
JavaFX Apps AND Python
Apr'15- Dec'17

2 yr 9 mos projects, & learned 1 new language during the lockdowns:) I built Java, JavaFX Apps, & Python, HTML/CSS Apps for clients Created automation software & reduced expenses by 33%, increased efficiency by 50% CONTACT ME

Information Technology
to 2019
Mumbai University

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