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I am Md Rashedul Bari from Bangladesh. I have over 12+ years of experience in software company and 3+ years in Telco. I am CSM certified and experienced in providing project & team management, development, Design and implementing technology solutions in Java/JEE Technologies, Android, iOS, & PHP.

I am Md Rashedul Bari from Bangladesh. I have over 12+ years of experience in software company and 3+ years in Telco. I am CSM certified and experienced in providing project & team management, development, Design and implementing technology solutions in Java/JEE Technologies, Android, iOS, & PHP.

Digital Solutions and Service Senor Manager
Banglalink Digital Communications
May'21- Jun'21

Technology Program Management Chartered Engineer
Banglalink Digital Communications
Dec'20- May'21

Information Technology Senior Manager
Banglalink Digital Communications
Apr'18- Nov'20

Bangalink started its journey in February 2005 with the strategy of making mobile telephony an affordable option for consumers in Bangladesh. The initial success of Banglalink was based on a simple mission: "Bringing mobile telephony to the masses", which was the cornerstone of Banglalink's strategy. Fueled with the strong core values, Banglalink is now working relentlessly to bring the digital world to each and every customer, building a true digital Bangladesh, and moving away from the traditional mobile operator to a tech company. ● Manage and Govern projects (mostly IT and Digital domain projects) to maintain the timeline and highlight 1 Address: 426, East Goran, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219 | Email: | Contact: +-283315, +-424680 Md Rashedul Bari challenges and gaps to address in early stage of the project. ● Coordinating between commercial project team, partners, IT team, and stakeholders. Also responsible to identify, highlight and address challenges early stage of the project working with project team to ensure project success. ● Reporting to management and facilitate with require support to ensure timely and quality delivery. ● Leading and managing the technical team, vendors, partners, and stakeholders was one of my core responsibilities along with reporting the project status to IT management. ● Revamped the flagship products MyBL App and Banglalink Website in last 2+ years to have a user friendly apps and web application respectively ensuring stability, scalability and robustness from technical perspectives. As a result, Subscribers has been Increased to hit more than double commercial target for MyBL App in much more reduced timestamp. ● Implemented Banglalink website front-end using React, HTML, and CSS3. MyBL App front-end using Native Android & iOS. MyBL and Banglalink Website back-end API services using PHP Laravel framework. ● Architected overall Banglalink web application using PHP Laravel, whereas core service engine (middleware), while is communicating with underlying telco services, is built on Spring Micro Services architecture. ● Other technologies used are C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, different PHP frameworks to develop other flagship products like eShop, eSelfcare, Facebook Integration, Google Integration and so on. ● Introduced proactive monitoring and alerts through some internal mechanism and Zabbix integration which helped to bring the incident near to zero. Key Technologies: Java, Spring Micro Service Architecture, ASP.NET, C#, .NET Core, PHP & Its Frameworks (like Laravel), Native Android & iOS, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Ngnix, Apache HTTP Server, IIS

VP Delivery of Services
Dec'14- Apr'18

Principal Software Engineer
Feb'13- Dec'14

Genweb2 provides offshore software development services focusing on Product Development, Mobile and Cloud. Key success factors for the offshoring model include productivity, work quality, and communication. Genweb2 has focused obsessively on these success factors since its start in 2009. ● Managing & leading technical team, foreign & local clients and ensuring timely & quality delivery was one of big responsibilities. ● Visited different overseas & local clients or prospective client's offices to help business growth. ● Electric Vehicle (EV) Management System development was one of the challenging responsibility. ● Introduced WebSocket based communication for EV Charging Management system which helped to launch next generation EV charger by the clients for it consumers. It was a business critical move for the client business which was successfully rolled out in US market. ● Development the application using service oriented model using Apache CXF, Jersey, Java WebSocket implementation with lot of other Java technologies. 2 Address: 426, East Goran, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219 | Email: | Contact: +-283315, +-424680 Md Rashedul Bari ● Revamped the mobile app completely to build those in native language by replacing Titanium based cross platform Implementations to resolve critical business & technical challenges. ● Jenkins was used to automate the deployment process ● IndieShuffle, Sodick America, CyFave and a few others were critical foreign projects which has the delivery challenges to be addressed and successfully delivered. ● Got promoted as Vice President, Delivery of Services from Principal Software in Dec 2014 which was an appreciation after serving for around 2 years for the development effort along with managing team and client. Key Technologies: Java & its various libraries, JEE (Spring), Apache CXF, Apache Jersey, Java WebSocket, Hibernate, iBatis, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, jQuery, Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, PHP & its frameworks, Native Android & iOS, C++

Senior Software Engineer
Vantage Labs Dhaka
Feb'09- Jan'13

Vantage Labs Dhaka is the Dhaka, Bangladesh based office which works as an extended development house for Vantage Labs. Vantage Labs is a privately-held organization that incubates products with new ideas in Big Data Cognitive Computing, Natural Language Understanding, Learning and Collaboration. ● Optimized the application performance by restructuring a lot features in source and database perspective to ensure better performance and user experience. ● Implemented the CRM application using code PHP (4 & 5). Initially it was on PHP4 which partially migrated to PHP5. Smarty has been used as the front-end technology for the CRM system. ● The CRM system had been make compatible to work with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL considering future business projection, performance and stability. ● Cucumber and Ruby was used to auto the testing process whenever applicable. ● Took the Agile Scrum methodology training n-house and followed that as per the standard process and practice. Was responsible to communicate with product owner and also for doing the sprint review & demo. ● Took a lot of challenges to architecturally restructure the CRM application throughout the application with a tight timeline and sprint based delivery model. Key Technologies: PHP, Smarty, PostgreSQL, Cucumber & Ruby, Shell Scripting, Apache HTTP Server

Software Engineer
Therap BD
Aug'07- Jan'09

Therap (BD) is the Dhaka, Bangladesh based office which works as extended development house for Therap Services whichh is a US based company. Therap has been operating since 2003 with a global team of professionals with diverse expertise working together across USA and Bangladesh. Therap is the National leader in providing Software as a Service (SaaS) to government and private organizations supporting people 3 Address: 426, East Goran, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219 | Email: | Contact: +-283315, +-424680 Md Rashedul Bari with developmental disabilities in the US. Therap built an Internet-scale application using Java EE technologies which accommodates nearly half a million people ● As part of the architectural team member, underperforming feature's review, assessment and optimization initiatives was one of our primary responsibilities. ● Implemented front-end of the Therap Services site using JSP, FTL HTML, and CSS ● Architected overall web application using Java Spring framework ● Did a R&D on different application servers like WebLogic, Resin and Tomcat to have a comparative view considering the Therap application. ● Did a research work on Inter System Cache and Giga Space to Identify whether those could be suitable for the system or not. ● Did an analysis on Lucene Integration in the system to Identify performance improvement of specific functionality.

Junior Software Engineer Bording Vista
Key Technologies
Jun'06- Jun'07

Java, Spring, JSP, FTL, Hibernate, Oracle, Lucene, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, Resin, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML Jr. Software Engineer | Bording Vista | Dhaka, Bangladesh Jun/2006 - Jun/2007 Bording Vista offers graphics and digital solutions to enterprises across Scandinavia, where we are one of the leaders in our field. Projects are managed from main office situated in Bangladesh, where Danish project management team and Bangladesh team jointly oversee the projects to ensure its clients professional and flexible working processes. ● Development of Log & Trace System and License Management System. ● Coordinating with Danish team to realize individual task and solve those in best possible technical way. ● Implemented the front-end of the applications using JSF components and tags. ● Architected overall web application using JSF ● Ensured timely and quality delivery as a team which result the joint venture contract between BordingData (Danish Counterpart) and TechnoVisata (Bangladesh Counterpart) to form BordingVista. Key Technologies: J2EE (JSF), Hibernate, jQuery, CORBA, Derby DB, Apache Tomcat

Computer Science & Engineering
zu 2006
Master's Degree
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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