Emad Khan
 Pakistan ( GMT +05:00 )
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Chief Technology Officer
Star Marketing
Dec'20- Dec'20

- May 2023 ● Spearheaded the recruitment of highly skilled IT, Social media, SEO, and Content teams, facilitating Star Marketing's successful metamorphosis into a modern, cutting-edge organization. ● Implemented a cloud-based, centralized Call Center with Bitrix24 CRM, streamlining communication, and unifying all queries from multiple regional offices to a single, centralized location. ● Overhauled the entire suite of websites, incorporating state-of-the-art technologies such as NextJS, including corporate website, Star Club Card, Manhill Advertising, and over 15 Landing Pages, culminating in a modern, high-performance online presence. ● Digitalized the attendance system by developing a mobile application utilizing facial recognition-based authentication for all employees, successfully eliminating the issue of buddy punching. ● Empowered HR to effortlessly handle all attendance management tasks in one dynamic and user-friendly interface using a web-based portal. ● Developed a comprehensive system for Star Home financing, providing a window of opportunity for the banking sector and seamlessly connecting the two through integration with Bitrix24 and a custom-built portal for end-users. ● Expertly crafted a bespoke, mini sales system, exclusively tailored to the Sindh region.

Head of Business Strategy
Jan'19- Nov'20

Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies, recommend strategic technology investments, and oversee software development best practices to deliver reliable software. ● Align technology solutions with company objectives, oversee system infrastructure, and communicate technology strategy to partners and investors. ● Collaborate with the product team to develop and prioritize product features and functionalities, and ensure alignment with the company's technical strategy.

Chief Technology Office r
Dec'18- Nov'20

● Manage the development and deployment of ride hailing platforms, maintain technology infrastructure, and ensure scalability, reliability, and security. ● Oversee the company's software development and engineering teams, and ensure that software is developed and maintained to the highest standards. ● Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends, manage technology budgets and time frames, and maintain a consumer-focused outlook.

Software Engineering Manager
Spider Grey
Feb'12- Nov'18

● Provided technical assistance and ongoing support to clients to help them achieve their business objectives and goals. ● Assisted clients across all continents in developing Angular and MERN solutions that are more robust, efficient, and scalable. ● Monitor KPIs and IT budgets, oversee the development of gaming and esports platforms, and build quality assurance and data protection processes. ● Build and manage the Cloud, Infrastructure, and Operations team by bringing together subject matter experts across the organization.

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