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 Berlin, Germany ( GMT )
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Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer with experience in Scientific Computing and Software Development.

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer with experience in Scientific Computing and Software Development.

Data Scientist Freelancer
Jun'20- present

Germany • Research and development of Machine Learning models for preprocessing, feature selection and classi cation of DNA Mi- croarray Gene Expression data, and Metabolomics data. • Development, testing, documentation and maintenance of anal- ysis software for comparative Gene Expression Analysis, and Biomarker Discovery. • Develop and debug in Python/C++ environments. • Fast analysis of Microarray Data by mean of High-Performance Computing. • Achieved 10% classi cation accuracy improvement versus state-of-the-art bioinformatics algorithm for Drug Discovery. • Work on peer-reviewed scienti c articles.

Data Scientist
Life Science
Jul'17- Jun'18

Germany • Design and implementation of Machine Learning algorithms for advanced statistics and predictive modeling on Life Science data. • Unsupervised anomaly detection, multivariate analysis, and stable isotope signature detection in biological samples. • Bayesian modelling of risk-based microbiological criteria. • Maintain and manage company's MS SQL server. • Architect and implement analytics and visualisation compo- nents for interactive analysis, integrating GUIs JavaScript/HTML into Jupyter Notebooks. • Linux server admin.

Data Science Intern
Daily Ride
Oct'16- May'17

Germany • Automation of data ETL process and pipelines. • Quantitative user behaviour data analysis, and geospatial data visualisation. • Use of software container platform, such as Docker, and Cloud Computing Service, such as Amazon Web Services, to host Jupyter-developed dashboards as standalone web app. EXPERIENCE Research Scientist Helmholtz Zentrum

Scienti c Data Manager
Scienti c research
Dec'15- Jul'16

Student Research Assistant
Aug'15- Dec'15

Berlin, Germany • Improvement of user experience through web research and relevant database content creation. • Improvement of platform growth and user activity through ad- vanced data research and analysis. Student Research Assistant Helmholtz Zentrum

Master Degree (M.Sc.) in Physics
zu 2012
Master's Degree
Freie Universität Berlin

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