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I am Hazem, I am a backend software engineer with over 15 years of experience in web application development. I have worked at Large and small companies but mostly startups with focus on PHP, Symfony, Docker and JavaScript. My projects included ecommerce, job boards, real-estate, advertising and marketing

I am Hazem, I am a backend software engineer with over 15 years of experience in web application development. I have worked at Large and small companies but mostly startups with focus on PHP, Symfony, Docker and JavaScript. My projects included ecommerce, job boards, real-estate, advertising and marketing

Senior Software Engineer
Jan'22- Jul'22

Domain Real Estate Tech Stack PHP, Symfony, API & Microservices, GraphQL, Git, Docker, Caddy, GitHub, GitHub Actions, JSON, JSON Schema, MySQL, Redis Description Urbyo is RealEstate marketplace located at Berlin, Germany, I worked for them Remotely, Fulltime I worked on implementing features that support the RealEstate marketplace using cutting-edge technologies in a domain-driven-design way using PHP, MySQL, Redis, Symfony framework, Unit testing and static code analysis. Some of the features I made: - Creating a component to add MySQL constraints to the MySQL JSON columns using the JSON Schema Specifications, and managing it through bash commands, with documentation to show how to use it. - Updating the legacy mailing templates to a modern nice-looking one using `Foundation` mail template - Making some integration with HubSpot CRM - Making some integration with Slack

Senior Software Engineer
Jan'19- Dec'21

Domain Recruitment Tech Stack PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Smarty, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, API & Microservices, Laravel, Git, Docker, Elastic Search, GitHub, Jira, JSON, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Redis

Description Wuzzuf is the largest job board website in Egypt. It's a job board & Application Tracking System. The mother company also have another Job board website, it's called Forasna, targeted for a different category of job seekers. I worked as a full-time software engineer in that company. Take part in designing, building and maintaining highly complex and large platforms serving thousands of users every day. Some of the features I made were, - Integration with an SMS Gateway to provide a verification code for the job seekers to verify their mobile numbers, with some restrictions such as, allow activating numbers only from Egypt and maximum number of codes is only allowed to be sent in a specific period of time per user. - Revamping a big part of their old monolithic PHP application to a modern SPA, I built the backend service as RESTful APIs serving the frontend application. - Also, a new feature I worked on with my workmates is a service for the new signed-up jobseeker to automatically fill his profile from his automatically-generated LinkedIn CV - I got involved in code reviewing for other teammates and tried to provide comments to avoid potential mistakes like code smells, provide easily readable code and also to follow the coding standards as much as possible and assist them in designing the code properly using the appropriate design pattern with best practice available - I got involved in Revamping a big part of the code base to Domain Driven Design approach

Software Engineer & Co-Founder
Nov'17- Jan'19

Domains Retail, Shopping Tech Stack PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, MySQL Description A startup, I was a co-founder and the technical person. It was a book sharing website. The idea of the website was to resell used original books, users donate their used books, get points, can buy other books with their points, we get a fee of the exchange service. It was a custom-made platform using PHP and MySQL. A bilingual e-commerce website that contains ordering system, customers, shopping cart, mailing system and inventory management. 

Senior Software Engineer
Rawafed Tech
Aug'17- Dec'18

Domains Entertainment, Marketing, News, Retail, Shopping, e-commerce

Tech Stack PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git, CSV, Jira, jQuery, MySQL Description Rawafed Tech was a software house located in Cairo, Egypt, I worked with them fulltime. My role was to build websites for the customers using an in-house CMS built with Symfony. I also worked on updating the CMS, addressing the bugs and fixing the bugs found on it. And I worked on an e-commerce website built with Magento, updated it to latest version of Magento back then Magento 1.9, also added a module on it that enables the customer to apply custom discounts to credit cards that were issued from certain banks. And also, I built an ecommerce website selling perfumes using Magento 1.9, created a special module to add a wizard for the user to compose the perfume he needs, selecting from different ingredients with specific percentage of each component and ending with the packing of the product.

PHP Developer
May'15- Dec'15

Domain Software Frameworks Tech Stack PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, MySQL Description I worked as a part-time php developer for Drupia company; it was a software house. I worked on developing websites for the customers using Drupal, adding custom components to the Drupia CMS System. I also worked on developing websites with WordPress, creating plugins, customizing templates and adapting new templates to WordPress. We used bitbucket to share source code. I also provided mentorship to my team mates, helped them understand tasks they are working on and help them understand the codebase.

Software Engineer
Military Service
Apr'15- Mar'17

Domain Software Frameworks Tech Stack PHP, JavaScript, Sencha ExtJS, MySQL Description I worked on creating an Inventory Management System for the benefit of the Military Unit where I was doing my Military Service as a reserve officer in the Egyptian Armed Forces. The case was that there were a lot of spare parts that are in several repositories and we needed to add them into a software to be able to search, categorize, and get insights about them quickly, so, I started to build the application, it was running locally in the internal military network, it was made using ExtJS, MySQL & PHP Slim Framework.

PHP Developer
Jan'14- Mar'14

Domains Advertising, Marketing Tech Stack PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Codeigniter, MySQL, Symfony Description Tawrny Company was a software house located in Egypt, I built a "Reverse Bidding System" while working with them. This system was a website providing work to be done by other freelancers, the job owner makes a post stating the work they need to be done, then the freelancers offer their bids on that work, and the job owner picks the best bid to start work with. That system also contains a private messaging system, a profile for each freelancer. It was made using CodeIgniter, MySQL. I also mentored the other developers joining the team.

PHP Developer
Marvel Systems
Jul'13- Dec'13

Domain Software Frameworks

Tech Stack PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git, Codeigniter, YII, Bitbucket, MySQL Description Marvel Systems Company was a software house, located in Cairo, Egypt. I worked Full time in-office to developed a Content Management System using Yii framework, it had many features such as, uploading videos, images, and writing blog posts categorized in Tags and Categories, it also had a nice-looking web admin to manage it, I also used this CMS to build many websites for customers varying from simple blogs to big news portal websites. I was also responsible for handling customers' requests regarding managing their websites.

Freelance Web Developer
Jan'04- Jan'13

Domains Education, Entertainment, News, Pharmaceutical, Software Frameworks

Tech Stack PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Bash/ Shell, Git, Codeigniter, Apache, Bitbucket, MySQL, Slim Description I started my career as an amateur developer, learnt web development by myself, read a lot of books and tutorials, the first development work I made was an extension to a vBulletin board. Projects I worked on in this period were: 
- A personal website publishing newly released movies and songs, this type of website went viral in that period, it was a custom-made portal.
- Website to view online TV and Radio channels.
- Website to host flash games.
- Link shortening service
- File hosting service: A subscription-only-file-hosting-service served more than 1.3K users and hosted 36K files in about 30 TB of space over 290 TB of bandwidth in a period of 6 years. Contains statistics for each file - bandwidth and number of downloads - distributed load by uploading on multiple servers, uploading via HTTP & FTP, resumable downloads, can limit download speed, limit the number of concurrent downloads per file. All these websites were made from scratch using PHP and MySQL.

Computers and Systems Engineering
zu 2014
Bachelor's Degree
Mansoura University

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