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IoT Training Facilitator
Sep'17- Sep'19

2 yrs JICA I was an IoT facilitator for short term training course - My responsibility was to manage the sessions and assist the participants to achieve the goal of the training - IoT projects. IoT Facilitator The class session included pre recorded videos by Japanese professors, I was one of the facilitors that conducted those sessions. The whole number of participants was 60. I guided and assisted the participart to debug, design and develop their IoT projects as the program was designed. Collaborated with my fellow facilitators to be able to achieve smooth facilitation. The participants are now equiped with IoT skills and some have made interesting smart projects by utilizing the skills acquired from the program. IoT Arduino

Director of Engineering
Jan'17- present

1. I am mostly a team lead of around 6 developers, working closely with them to reach the clients expectations and deliver on time. 2. I work on android applications (specifically the development part) - some of our clients require pure android native applications - I have these skills. 3. React/React Native Expert, most of WiredIn mobile development projects are developed in react- native framework, I am the lead developer. Uranyuzwe App N/A Developed customer satisfaction application - The user uses the application (on the tablet on the premises) to rate a service provided by the public. Lead and manage a team of 6 developers building a mobile and tablet application Tech Stacks Expo environment Javascript React-Native Redux Git Firebase TypeScript The company managed to win a tender to provide the system to Emmigration and Immigration Ministry and the system is to be set on the country's borderposts and airports. Git React MVC Redux MySQL React Native Firebase Jira JavaScript Typescript Screenshots (4) Caju N/A Developed a cashew quality auditing mobile app - this app is used by field techs (the people who audit the cashew harvest) and buyers (those who buy the harvest). Lead and manage a team of 6 developers building a mobile and tablet application Tech Stacks Expo environment Javascript React-Native Redux Redux-Saga Firebase - FCM for Notification, Firestore for Database Git TypeScript The Client now presented the project and is to be used in Mozambique and Benin cashew nut farmers Redux-Saga MVC Git Firebase React Native Redux Android Jira Project Management React JavaScript Typescript Screenshots (4) Nyitaho App N/A Developed a health mobile app that helped nurses and diabetes patients communicate. Nurses can schedule appointments and be delivered to the patients via the app Developed a quiz module that is supposed to educate the patient about the diabetes Lead and manage a team of 4 developers building a mobile Tech Stacks Expo environment Javascript React-Native Redux Git Firebase - FCM for Notification, Firestore for Database TypeScript The client gave a feedback that the app is helping much by reminding the patients the upcomming appointments with the doctor Git Firebase React Native MVC React JavaScript Android Redux Redux-Saga Project Management Typescript Screenshots (3)

Rexvirt Communications
Oct'16- Mar'17

1. I was responsible to test applications that are are developed by remote developers and give feedback to them. 2. Worked on developing a product that involved IoT technologies like iBeacons and various sensors. 3. Developed an Android Applications using react-native and NodeJS as backend technology Ohereza / https:/ The Problem: There is currently no defined system for delivering packages around Kigali, people use bikes or vans to move things around, but you have to move and find them on their fleets. Yet there are individuals with private cars that are heading the direction of your package's destination. The Solution: Using React Native, i developed a mobile application where the user - either private or business can post the package they need to transport and transporters (private or business) can bid on the price of the transport service then the winner (chosen by the sender) can pickup the package and deliver it to the receiver. This solved the hustle for someone to have to move around to look for a transporter. and for transporters/drivers have a platform where they can get quick jobs faster than before Tech Stack: JavaScript React Native Git React MySQL The project let to the winning to the Toshiba Mobility Hackathon According to the press, it helped dormant drivers active by discovering fast job React Native JavaScript Git React MySQL Screenshots (6)

Information Systems
zu 2016
Master's Degree
Kobe Institute of Computing, Japan

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