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Backend engineer with over 7 years hands-on experience building applications using PHP, MySQL and Laravel.

Backend engineer with over 7 years hands-on experience building applications using PHP, MySQL and Laravel.

Engineering Manager
Autochek Africa
May'21- present

Nigeria 360 degree automobile platform for buying, selling and fixing of cars with financing options. ● Collaborate with upper management and key project stakeholders to define project goals, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. ● Lead and manage a distributed team of engineers across two timezones, fostering a collaborative and productive working environment, and driving the development and improvement of both internal and external products used across Africa. ● Promote a culture of continuous improvement and elevate the skills and productivity of the engineering team by participating in code reviews, conducting pair programming sessions, and advocating for best practices in software engineering. ● Collaborate closely with product managers to establish clear product specifications, provide technical guidance and recommendations on potential solutions, and ensure that technical delivery meets stakeholder needs and expectations.

Technical Lead
Borderless HR
May'21- present

June 2022 | Ontario, Canada HR outsourcing for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to hire vetted international tech talents. ● Led a small, distributed team of engineers as the system architect and technical lead in a successful full-stack rebuild of the product, resulting in improved performance and scalability. ● Design, build, and maintain reusable object-oriented, clean PHP 7/8 codes using a Laravel framework backend, improving development efficiency and reducing overall maintenance costs. ● Restructured and optimized MySQL database architecture to enhance data retrieval and improve security measures, leading to faster and more secure data access. ● Ensured high performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications through conducting thorough code reviews, implementing unit testing for critical modules, and providing technical guidance and support to team members.

Senior Software Engineer
May'21- present

USA A team of brand operators that helps digital consumer brands scale their reach with global expansion. ● Work collaboratively with the team to build and maintain multiple backend services using Redis, queued listeners, and artisan commands in a multi-tenant Laravel application. ● Contribute to code reviews, and collaborate on the architecture, design, and development of new backend product features. ● Create REST APIs for both internal and external consumption, ensuring they meet technical specs. ● Design and develop internal tools, reports, and dashboards using JavaScript and SQL on Retool. ● Model and design MySQL database structures to ensure the scalability and reliability of the system.

Senior Software Engineer
Concept Nova
Jul'18- Nov'20


Backend Engineer ChowHub
Jun'16- Dec'17


Backend Engineer
Aug'13- May'15

Lefkoşa, Cyprus SIDE PROJECTS ● Staff Management System: Built a Laravel staff registration with 2-way online to offline synchronization, which reduced registration time by about 80%. ● Online Plagiarism Detection Tool: Wrote a PHP app that leverages Google search to find potential sources of plagiarism in academic papers, with about 75% accuracy. ● Source Code Plagiarism Detection: Created a Laravel Lumen app that checks source codes for plagiarism, with about 90% accuracy, and supports 5 programming languages.

Computer Engineering
zu 2013
Master's Degree
European University of Lefke

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