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Software engineer focusing on software architecture and new technologies.

Software engineer focusing on software architecture and new technologies.

Software Engineer Technical Lead
HYVE Technology Consulting
Mar'20- present

Projects: - Hoopoe Chatbot ● Working on a chatbot that targets banking and financial organizations that deal with a lot of customers and have large sets of FAQs to facilitate services and products inquiry and minimize the interaction between customer service agents and customers. ● Developing core backend to handle user's inquiries and integrate with machine learning to classify the input text and select the proper response or suggest one based on the conversation history ● Core backend is microservices with each service responsible for a specific task. First service is the channel service that implements different APIs to handle different chat clients (web - WhatsApp - Facebook Messenger). ● Implementing web chat client to be embedded in the organization's public website. ● Integrating with Facebook Messenger webhook to handle chat with the organization's Facebook page. ● Implementing Facebook Messenger Platform's handover protocol to switch the conversation from chatbot to live agent and back. ● Integrating with WhatsApp provider to handle chat with the organization's WhatsApp business number. ● Using Docker and Kubernetes to Containerize the services. ● Implementing Github workflow for CI with integration with Docker and Kubernetes. Technologies: ASP.NET Core 3.1 - Web API - SQL Server 2016 - Angular 10 - AspNetZero - Azure Cloud Services - Facebook Messenger Platform - Docker and Kubernetes

Senior Software Engineer
Kartpalast Betriebsges mbH
Sep'17- Mar'20

Working remotely for a company located in Germany with all team members working remotely, some in Germany and some in Egypt Projects: - Kartpalast Booking Software ● Working on a booking system for clients reservations in kart raceways company ● Developing core backend system for staff and public portal for clients using AspNetZero as a multi tenant base framework. ● Working with and developing modules and plugins for different CMSs (Sitefinity - DNN - Orchard) ● Integrating with Mattermost chatting system to implement it in public portal to be used in members chatting and customer support ● Using Angular 6+ custom elements to implement Angular functionality inside CMS non Angular environment. Technologies: ASP.NET Core 3.1 - Web API - SQL Server 2016 - Angular 8 - AspNetZero - Azure Cloud Services - Sitefinity CMS - DNN CMS - Orchard CMS

Senior Software Engineer
Jan'16- Sep'17

Working remotely for a company located in Jordan with all team members working remotely, some in Jordan and some in Egypt Projects - Finance System ● Working on a finance system to manage charity payments in an orphanage ● Managing payment transactions and journals to insure different parties balances consistency ● Generating financial reports - Workflow Manager ● Developing a dynamic workflow management system for a factory to manage industrial tasks, where the admin can create new workflow type and add parallel or sequential tasks in any order, then can create new instances of this workflow Technologies: ASP.NET Core 1.0 - Web API - SQL Server 2014 - Angular 2

Senior Software Engineer
Jan'14- Jan'16

Working in a system that monitors social media and generates sentiment analysis reports and statistics for social media activities Projects: - Buzzdigger (Previously Nubd) ● Big data project that creates sentiment analysis reports to brand owners and governments to monitor the social media. ● Implement the web solution for user and role management, fetching data from backend to create dashboards and reports. ● Interact with Twitter and Facebook APIs to retrieve social media data and take social media actions (post, comment, retweet etc.). ● Implement Google and Bing maps to plot tweets geographical location on the map and give the user the ability to interact with it. ● Migrate the whole project from entity framework database first to implement code first ● approach. ● Create and modify Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents using OpenXML 2.5 Technologies: ASP.NET MVC 5 - Web API - SQL Server 2012 - AngularJS - Entity Framework (database first and code first) - Google maps API - Bing maps API - Facebook API - Twitter API - Qliksense API

Senior Software Engineer
Link Development
May'08- Dec'13

Working in a large scale ISP application to manage DSL and HDM services for clients, and handles order capture, order fulfillment workflows and backend provisioning Projects: - TracerTM ● Implement screens, along with the underlying logic and database structure, to manage new sales, change order and all requests to the services provided by the system. ● Design and implement order fulfillment workflows using Ultimus BPM. ● Develop tool that provisions HDM (Host- Domain - Mail) services on DotNetPanel backend. ● Develop windows application to migrate data from old system (Tracer3) to new system (TracerTM). Technologies: ASP.NET web forms 4.5 - SQL Server 2008 - Ultimus 8 BPM - Windows forms 4.5 - Web services - Tracer Hub ● Web solution to configure and administer products and offers provided by ISP solution (TracerTM) ● Design database and code structure to create products and offers with dynamic attributes. Technologies: ASP.NET web forms 4.5 - SQL Server 2008 - Entity Framework 6 code first - Web API - IPMS ● Web interface for a management system to manage customer's static IPs. Technologies: ASP.NET web forms 3.5 - SQL Server 2005 - Domain Expiration Tool ● Console application tool that periodically notifies the customers before their domains expiration. Technologies: C# 2010 - SQL Server 2008 - Financial Dashboard ● Windows application to migrate data from multiple sources (Database, Excel sheets, XML files) to the new system. Technologies: ASP.NET web forms 3.5 - SQL Server 2005 - Prepaid Cards ● Web application to generate Prepaid Cards and allow users to define and generate batches of cards and define debit and credit policies of these cards. Technologies: ASP.NET web forms 3.5 - SQL Server 2005

Software developer
Starware Internet Services Company
Aug'06- Apr'08

Develop web applications for web sites to serve several clients' needs. Projects - Najah Space Channel ● Web site for a space TV channel that introduces online streaming of the channel and a dynamic programs schedule with admin backend management. - PCPC ● Web site for a cable company containing a dynamic products lists with admin backend management. - SMS Manager ● Windows application for an advertising company that manages bulk SMS sending with templates and schedules. Technologies: ● ASP.NET web forms 3.5 - SQL Server 2005 - IDGEG ● Web application for recruitment system that was written in ASP classic. I have learnt ASP classic to fix the application's issues and enhance and introduce new features. Technologies: ASP classic - SQL Server 2000

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