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I am a software engineer from Nigeria with over 5+ years experience building highly scalable Front-end applications. I am highly skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Typescript.

I am a software engineer from Nigeria with over 5+ years experience building highly scalable Front-end applications. I am highly skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Typescript.

Software Engineer
May'21- Dec'21

(4 months +)

Software Engineer
Access Bank
Jan'20- Dec'21

AccessGateWay - (React, Webpack, Sass, Yarn, ContextAPI). • Integrated Interswitch payment bundle to allow Verve card users transactions. Improved daily transactions by 1.30%. • Managed application state and data from API with React ContextAPI to improve fetch time by 12.5%. • Designed an intuitive interface and improved user experience by 18%. • Implemented CSV file reader/converter feature which enabled admin to download and visualize daily transactions in CSV format. Saved an estimated 10 hours/week per person. SwiftPay - (React, NextJs, Redux, Bootstrap, Git, NPM). • Implemented a caching algorithm and Server-side rendering to optimize application load time by 15%. • Built intuitive interface to improve User Experience and engagement by 18%. • Integrated Client-side payment bundle handler to increase transactions by 13%. • Configured and implemented AES encryption to abstract User's payment details. Improved security by 25%. • Handled fetched users and product's state with Redux and React UseMemo. Reference Automation - (React, Bootstrap, Typescript, Redux, React-hook-form). • Displayed data with dynamic table with actions where admin can visualise and perform actions on a particular user. • Integrated dynamic form fetching and a search feature to reduce the amount of times a user have to fill their information. Improved user experience by 20%. • Built a link generation, automation and sharing feature to send unique URLs to the referees. • Implemented dynamic and intuitive form validation on user's input to improve user experience. Improved security by 15% by authenticating and sanitizing user input before sending to the server.

Software Engineer
Jan'19- Dec'19

Led in a team of 7 engineers to build an in-house hiring application that matched recruiters with right candidates. Hastened recruitment process by 27%. • Collaborated on teams to track and deliver technical projects by partaking in sprint plannings and peer reviews interactively using Git. • Delivered trainings to over 31 engineers on code quality, system design, data structures and algorithms. • Recognised as a star performer in MERN Stack team. • Delivered effective presentations and great speech delivery. • Used Agile Methodology in technical and collaboration for peer projects and reviews with Git, Trello and Basecamp. • Interviewed prospective engineers and assessed their suitability for training and adaptability to companies' environment. Tools Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJs, MongoDB, Basecamp, Slack Git, React.

Software Engineer
Cencash Systems
Nov'17- Nov'18

• Maintained and managed company website. • Implemented user authentication/authorization to improve security by 60%. • Developed a Content Management System to speed up business and administrative time by 30%. • Improved accessibility and performance to reduce daily complaints by 10%. • Delivered trainings on software engineering, code structure and quality. Tools Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XAMP, Google Docs, etc.

Religious and Cultural Studies
zu 2016
Bachelor's Degree
University of Port Harcourt

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