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A software developer with about 3 years of professional experience in Front end development(Web/Mobile) using React/NextJS and React Native. I play chess in my spare time and engage in educational outreaches.

A software developer with about 3 years of professional experience in Front end development(Web/Mobile) using React/NextJS and React Native. I play chess in my spare time and engage in educational outreaches.

Front End Developer
Jun'21- present

- Worked on a printing solution that automates the printing process for the business client. Developed additional features/functionalities while fixing existing bugs on the Front end. ○ Used React to deliver client projects - working using Agile approach and collaborating with other developers. ○ Liaised with clients to generate specific requirements and create estimates

Front End Developer
Jan'21- May'21

Worked on a Crypto Trading platform for Quicoin - building the mobile and web trading platform, company's landing page, administrative dashboard. ○ Created the React Native application from start - developing a trading platform deployed on both iOS and Android stores. ○ Worked based on weekly milestone tracked by PivotalTracker - achieved 90% weekly completion of UI design implementation and API Integration ○ Designed the flow and developed the code for new applications and collaborated with other developers to create high quality software. ○ Worked in a small team using the Agile methodology of development and release

Contract Backend developer
Claron International
Dec'20- Feb'21

Join the team to speed-up the launch of the Product to PlayStore and App Store - working as a Full-stack Developer. (Went live 1st week in January) ○ AWS management of EC2 instances and Cloud management ○ Development of needed APIs for the mobile developer as well as development of the Admin Platforms with React RubikPay (rubikpay.net) Lagos, Nigeria

Full stack Developer
Jul'20- Jul'20

Dec 202 ○ Building and maintenance of project through the Project lifecycle: - Worked on two Micro-finance bank Admin Platforms using Angular to make adjustments and implementing new features on one while building another from scratch. - Worked simultaneously on the Mobile app using Ionic 5 to do a complete revamp of the Micro-finance app UI and add new functionalities. - Worked on the backend to expose the APIs I need for the required functionalities on the Admin platform and on the mobile application working with MongoDB, Node and Express. - Also worked with React on some other projects - Liaised extensively with clients to ensure deliverable was correct and could be embedded nicely into their main website ○ Evaluated, tested, debugged, implemented, documented, maintained, and supported new/existing web applications.

Front End Developer
Oct'19- Jun'20

Worked with JSP and Spring-boot for a tightly-coupled application to extend its functionalities based on a new set of requirements. ○ Worked with IBM Watson for the fine-tuning of the Bank's Chatbot. ○ Wrote Automation Test with Selenium and Cypress for functional testing of web applications by automating browser actions for a number of applications. ○ Performed Load testing using JMeter to analyze and measure the performance of a number of applications and recommended ways to optimize those applications. ○ Developed a Monitoring and Reporting web application to monitor Ecobank products working on the front-end and also worked on a Test and Version Control solution Other Projects Anicure | VetMail | Veterinary video consultation app | React Native/Typescript/NodeJS/Firebase ○ Connect Animal farmers with veterinary services via Chat, Video and Call consultation ○ Payment Integration with Paystack; Agora for video consultation and Firebase for push notification. TaskMe | TaskMePro | TaskMeSupport | Service app| React Native/Typescript/Firebase ○ Connect Service providers with clients in need of such services ○ Built from scratch using React Native Cli. SpectrumMFB Mobile App | Spectrum USSD | Banking Solution | Ionic/NodeJS ○ Mobile app for performing major banking services. ○ USSD for performing financial operations through the phone dial SendErrand | SendErrand Runner | Service Errand App | React Native ○ Connects users who need to complete errands with Runners who are around the vicinity. ○ Joined the team to fix bugs and complete certain functionalities. ○ Deployed on both Playstore and App store.

Urban and Regional Planning
zu 2018
Master's Degree
University of Ibadan

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