Full Stack Senior Developer

saudi-arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
40hr/week Beginnt ASAP GMT +03:00
Beginnt ASAP GMT +03:00
As a Full Stack Senior Developer specialized in firebase, flutter and google cloud at our Riyadh-based startup, you will play a crucial role in leading and managing development sprints for our procurement platform in the food & beverage market. You will be responsible for understanding requirements, distributing work among the development team (including full-timers and part timers), and ensuring the successful delivery of our platform. With a strong focus on backend systems, particularly Firebase, you will contribute to the design, development, and maintenance of our platform, while also being involved in software architecture, integration, and managing teams and projects.

● Lead and manage development of mobile and web sprints using flutter and ensuring timely and quality delivery of features.
● Understand requirements and translate them into technical specifications and tasks.
● Distribute work among the development team, consisting of both full-time and part-time members.
● Develop and maintain backend systems using Firebase, including Firestore, Firebase Authentication, and Cloud Functions.
● Design and implement secure coding practices, unit testing, and CI/CD workflows.
● Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of frontend and backend components.
● Provide guidance and mentorship to junior team members, promoting best practices and code quality. ● Stay updated with emerging technologies, industry trends, and software architecture practices.
● Foster a culture of transparency, teamwork, and problem-solving within the development team.

Qualifications and Skills:  
● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
● 7 to 10 years of professional experience in software development, with a strong emphasis on backend systems.
● Extensive knowledge of Firebase backend services, including Firestore, Firebase Authentication, and Cloud Functions.
● Proficiency in frontend development using Flutter or other relevant frameworks.
● Solid understanding of agile development lifecycle, unit testing, CI/CD practices, and secure coding principles.
● Experience in software architecture design and integrating complex systems.
● Strong project management skills and the ability to manage teams effectively.
● Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills.
Company Culture and Values: At our startup, we are passionate about what we build, solving customer and business problems. We foster a culture of transparency, friendliness, and teamwork, believing that collaboration is critical to our success. As an early-stage startup, there is significant growth potential both in terms of responsibilities and financially, as this role is a key and core team position
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