Backend Javascript Developer (Cloudflare Workers)

egypt Egypt
20hr/week Beginnt Within a Week GMT +03:00
Beginnt Within a Week GMT +03:00

we are looking for a dedicated backend developer for developing API's and micro services on Cloudflare Workers.  First this is a project based job until end of 2023, maybe longer if it fits both.  We build on Cloudflare Workers, using Durable Objects technique.  Data storage in Cloudflare R2, Cloudflare D1 of our own Datastore (REST interface). The project is an extension of a planning solution we already built. The extension will be built on top of several generic micro services, for example for employee sign on, time tracking, planjob start / stop, etc.  Typescript / Javascript experience is a must. It is nice if you have some experience with Cloudflare workers. We are a small company with informal business culture. 
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10 months ago