UX UI Teacher

40hr/week Beginnt ASAP
Beginnt ASAP
- A degree in design (or comparable training / bootcamp in the field)
- 2+ years of professional experience as a UX/UI designer (or in a related subfield)
- Experience (and passion) as a teacher, workshopper, facilitator, mentor, trainer or lecturer
- Strong communication, storytelling and presentation skills
- Knows both Figma & Notion softwares inside-out
- A good understanding of processes and an evolved systematic thinking
- Mentoring and relationship building skills with the ability to effectively manage groups and interpersonal conflict situations
- Genuine enjoyment of passing on your knowledge and helping others grow
- Passion about people empowerment and equal opportunities
- High degree of integrity, reliability, planning, organisation and personal responsibility
- Fluency in English, German is not required but can be a plus
- High level of empathy and team-playing abilities
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