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Software professional with 16 years of experience in MS .Net, C#, WEB API, Angular etc, Currently working as a project lead. Worked as a Senior Software Development Engineer for McAfee for over 10 years. Worked as Sr/Lead Software development engineer with Analysis, Designing, Coding, Database

Software professional with 16 years of experience in MS .Net, C#, WEB API, Angular etc, Currently working as a project lead. Worked as a Senior Software Development Engineer for McAfee for over 10 years. Worked as Sr/Lead Software development engineer with Analysis, Designing, Coding, Database

Technical Lead
Aug'21- Jun'22

DocGen is a document management application which is responsible for generating documents in PDF and DocX format. The template and data will be entered / updated by the end user to the system. Based on the user choice the Doc Gen system will be able to generate the document in PDF / DocX format and will be delivered to the user. Worked on modernization of DocGen module using ASPOSE, which used to create the PDF Documents.


– Mentor to the team, participate in pre-release activities like scope demo, Risk assessment review and work with release management team for release activities. Interacting with partners and requirement gathering  

This is implemented using - .Net Core, C#, SQL Server, WEB API

Lead Developer
McAfee BullsEye
Feb'11- Jul'21

Led a team of 3, Single point of contact for Development, Deployment, and Interact with stake holders, Requirement Gathering.

Description – BullsEye is an Executive Dashboard where all the McAfee projects are stored and it depicts various attributes of the projects like Health [Time, Human Resources], Status, and Quality etc.
In McAfee various Business Units uses various tools for project tracking. So BullsEye interacts with various tools to pull project data to BullsEye.
BullsEye also interacts with various tools like Buzilla [Bugs], Code Collaborator [Early Bugs], Early Defect Tracker etc. and pulls the quality related information and can show different charts and compare 2 projects and the defects throughout the life of the project.
The project was implemented using ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL SERVER 2008, Crystal Report, Dundas Chart

QC to QAC Migration — 2015 – 2016
HP Quality Center (QC)– a test management tool is now popularly known as Application Life Cycle Management Tool(ALM) Smartbear QAComplete (QAC) – a test management and execution tool that provides the ability to plan, organizes, and schedule all of the tests associated with your release.
Roles & Responsibilities 
– I was the single point of contact for the entire QC – QAC users, McAfee worldwide, Test Tree (Migration Team) and Smartbear (Software vendor)
Product installation, Provide QC DB Backups to migration team, Get the migrated DB and replace the QAC production / staging DB.
Get the intermittent and final migration date for each project from the migration team and inform corresponding team in McAfee. Get the issues from McAfee team and report back to Migration team and organize meetings and record the issues.
Contact smartbear team to resolve issues like slow application performance, especially when there are more than 25 K test cases in a project, User access (Migrated users) issues due to wrong mapping between users and project in different tables after migration, API Issues etc.
Track migration, Tools, User access issues separately and report to upper management.

NexS – 2017 - 2019 Role – Worked as Senior Software Engineer Description – NexS provides the facility to the consumers coming via Partners to register & subscribe McAfee consumer products.
  The name is derived from the word ‘nexus’ which means a “connection or series of connections linking two or more things”, which Support multiple affiliates/ partners
This is implemented using - C#, WEB API, SQL Server

CSR Tool – 2020 - 2021 Role – Worked as lead developer
  Description – CSR Tool (Consumer Subscription Reporting Tool) – Provides a view to the Consumer Subscription Details. Provides the details view on subscription activities like Creation, Trade Up, Trade Down, Unsubscribe/Cancellation, Expiration, Renew details. This helps to analyze the trend/ pattern of the subscription, Help to understand the performance of any product, what’s the impact of the subscription offer etc.
This project implemented using .Net core, C#, Web API, Angular, SQL Server    

Senior Software Engineer
Feb'10- Mar'11

Description – HCX is a software solution for the Indian health care industry. It simplifies claim processing by providing standardized Electronic Claim Management. Beginning with the patient availing cashless facility in a hospital, it will have an instant access to the areas where capping has taken place. Then starts the mammoth task of filling the pre-auth form, this gets simplified by HCX electronic pre authorization system. The task of sending discharge summary to the TPA’s can also be managed using this online portal. It provides a complete end to end claim transaction processing facility.

The project was implemented using ASP.Net, C#, Oracle

Senior Software Engineer
May'09- Jan'10

Client – Minnesota Government, USA


Description – MNE Connect offers providers a tool to easily meet Minnesota's electronic claims submission law. MN E-Connect allows health care providers to electronically submit insurance three claims types – 

Medical, hospital and dental, using a single set of data standards. Participating health plans include: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, First Plan of Minnesota, Health Partners, Medica, Metropolitan Health Plan, Preferred One, Sanford Health Plan and UCare.
The project was implemented using ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL Server 2000

Senior Software Engineer
Apr'08- Mar'09

 Client - Siemens Medical Solutions, PA, USA
Description – Siemens Medical Solution is developing a state-of-art Hospital Information Management System called ‘Soarian’. The ‘Soarian Financials’ module is the Patient Accounting module that is used for generating claims, payment postings, etc MERLIN is a sophisticated tool to help Sorian Financials Rule Services Team (SFRST), to store various claim rules centrally in a logical fashion in a database and allow users to work on the rules at different stages namely analysis, development and testing. The rules were documented and maintained in several Excel Workbooks.
The project was implemented using VB.Net, SQL Server 2000, and Crystal Reports

Senior Software Engineer
Jan'07- Feb'08

Description – New York Power Authority (NYPA) is America’s largest state-owned power organization. The objectives for developing this application are as follows: •To consolidate and centralize the customer information in order to enhance the customer service and ease the day to day work of the MED users. •To have a clear demarcation of the user roles to access the customer information and also to update records. •To provide a solution, to scan and retrieve the documents as and when required by the management. •To generate the job reports, this would help a user to analyze the number of jobs created by a customer

The project was implemented using ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL Server 2005

M.Sc Computer Science
to 2003
Master's Degree

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