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brazil Salvador, Brazil ( GMT )
5 yrs Experience
Can Join ASAP English: Advanced

I'm a passionate software engineer who loves building things. On my free time I usually play online games, paint miniatures, play basketball, magic the gathering or watch series/movies Also enjoy playing boardgames, drums, guitar and reading comic books.

I'm a passionate software engineer who loves building things. On my free time I usually play online games, paint miniatures, play basketball, magic the gathering or watch series/movies Also enjoy playing boardgames, drums, guitar and reading comic books.

Senior Frontend
Oct'21- Dec'22

Technologies: React, NextJS, Mobx, Typescript, Emotion, GraphQL

Full-stack Developer
Jun'21- Oct'21

React, Redux, Python, GraphQL, Docker, Python

Full stack Developer
Jan'21- Jun'21

*Backend Technologies: Node, Rest API, Jest, Postgress, Docker, CI, CD, Data modelling, Prisma *Frontend Technologies: React-native, styled-components

Development of a rest API with Node, Koa, Prisma, Postgress and Docker, fully tested with Jest. Migration of some code from the old PHP API. Fully engaged on projects architecture discussions, data modelling, best practices, project management.
Using React Native on the frontend to develop new features, refactor code. Also responsible to help other junior devs with their job teaching them good practices, helping them with their tasks, automated tests, etc.

Leader Web Developer
Oct'20- Jan'21

Technologies: React, Redux, Material-ui, Jest, Enzyme

Senior Leader Web Developer at Guiabolso partner:
I was responsible to improve and take care of the already outdated website written in React and Redux that wasnt receving changes for a while. Started by updating the projects libs, using the latest version of the most important libs like React and CRA. After that started adjusting some small things while getting used to the project.
Then I started working on improving the sites perfomance, did a spike with all things that could be improved and worked on them. Also started doing some more elaborated features and reformulated the whole website layout, writing better and more generic components. I also coordinated the team building the backlog, writing the cards and prioritizing the features.

CTO and Co Founder at Vôlava
Oct'19- Jan'21

Technologies: React Native, Typescript, Firebase, Jest, RTL, App deployment

I have developed the whole startup's app by myself. I used React Native, Typescript and Firebase for the backend, database and metrics and features like push notifications, cloud functions and app remote configurations. The app is also tested with Jest and React Testing Library. The store deployment process is automated using Fastlane which makes it really simple and fast.
I was involved in other things in the startup like planning and discussing the apps backlog, prioritizing the most important features we think that should be on the app, brainstorming marketing strategies to attract more clients for the app. We used Trello to organize our tasks.

Full stack Developer
Aug'17- Oct'20

Technologies: React, Relay, Jest, GraphQL, Go, Scala, Docker, Redis, Python, Flask, Enzyme, RTL, Elasticsearch, Python, SQL, React Native.

Started working in a Python project, using Flask, Redis and Docker. I rewrote the whole api and started using some new Redis features at the time for calculating geo distances.
After that I started to work in a web project using React, GraphQL and Relay. Worked on two other projects as an intern still but with the same stack despite sometimes having to write some Go and scala code on our backends projects. Its worth mentioning that we wrote tests for everything we coded, so everything was always very well tested. We mainly used Jest and Enzyme for our tests in those projects.
My first project as a hired dev was a CRM using React, Relay and GraphQL stack with unit tests written using Jest and Enzyme. We added some integrations tests later with Cypress. I started coding more things in the backend here also besides frontend tasks. Our main backend for this project was written and tested in Scala, it also used Elastisearch for speeding up searches and RabbitMQ for enqueueing tasks and sometimes for communcation between projects. Here I learned some more advanced React patterns like compound components, render props, context, hocs and hooks.
 After more or less a year I switched to a mobile team, working with React Native, Relay Modern and GraphQL and some automations using Bitrise and Fastlane. We started using a new test approach and switched from Jest/Enzyme to Jest/React Testing Library. Our tests started getting much more closer to the real use of the features instead of mocking and testing some specific code behaviors. We also had lots of e2e tests written using Detox. Here I also worked with Go on our push notifications backend, SQL and metabase writting our metrics dashboard.


Electrical Engineering
to 2015
Bachelor's Degree

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