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I am Remon Yousri, I am a senior DevOps engineer I am focusing in working with docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift, and building CI/CD pipeline using different set of tools My nearest achievement was building monitoring stack on OpenShift using Prometheus which monitor only our custom code apps

I am Remon Yousri, I am a senior DevOps engineer I am focusing in working with docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift, and building CI/CD pipeline using different set of tools My nearest achievement was building monitoring stack on OpenShift using Prometheus which monitor only our custom code apps

Senior DevOps Engineer
May'21- Aug'21

Responsibilities • Building CI/CD Pipeline for all current and new microservices using Bitbucket, Jenkins, Artifactory & SonarQube. • Creating Helm Charts to simple the deployment and upgrading of multiplier microservices with their configmaps, secrets & Ingress. • Deploy Highly available microservices ex. Kafka, mongodb, & EFK • Building full stack Prometheus monitoring with Prometheus, alert manager & Grafana to monitor Kubernetes cluster and exposed metrices from microservices. • Security hardening for Kubernetes and Ingress controller. • Automate creating Kubernetes HA cluster using ansible. • Automate creating of VMs on vSphere using terraform. • Deployment of RookCeph on Kubernetes for having different types of storage classes File, Block & Object. 7thSaad El-Deen Square, 12525, GIZA, EGYPT Mobile: +18 / +94

Team Leader Systems Engineer
Dec'17- Jul'21

Responsibilities • Manages Systems Team resources efficiently in line with business needs and project demand. • Follow established standards and change management policies. • Manages subordinate staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. • Drive technical excellence for meeting technical standards and processes. • Lead and direct requirements and architecture process areas. • Manage supplier contracts, maintenance agreements and upgrades. • Analyze existing operating procedures and determine development and quality improvement plan. • Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets. • Assists with the building and maintenance of the Technical Support revenue stream and expense control. • Designs implementation strategies for new products and improving those strategies for existing products. • Identifies training requirements and personal development plans for System & Application staff.

Systems and Applications Engineer
Nov'16- Nov'17

Responsibilities • Responsible for all technical aspects of our project implementation process and will work collaboratively with the assigned implementation team, consisting of staff. • Collaborate effectively with coworkers and customer team members to define product implementation requirements based on business objectives • Provide technical task status input to the project management function for all assigned engagements • Use best practices for the design, implementation, and optimization of implementations • Possess expert knowledge in solutions architecture and functional requirements for each engagement • Stay on top of changing technology. Whether it is newly developed software or a new networking program • Facilitate the installation and configuration of customer hardware and software requirements • Conduct solution tuning operational readiness validation testing • Track and resolve implementation issues • Create solution documentation and provide knowledge transfer / training • Provide support related to solution implementation 2 7thSaad El-Deen Square, 12525, GIZA, EGYPT Mobile: +18 / +94

Implementation Engineer
Jun'14- Sep'16

Responsibilities • Implementation Planning prepares organization and align resources for the implementation & deployment. • Training the staff on the new processes • User Acceptance Testing and sign-off for any new tools • Move to production and deployment of the detailed design • Develop Service Improvement Programs for any areas where KPIs/ SLAs are not being met • Testing the deliverables of the implementation and comparing them to the Service Acceptance Criteria • Project sign-off and Go Live activities.

Internet Call Center Representative
Vodafone Egypt
Feb'13- May'14

Responsibilities • Network Configuration and Troubleshooting on different mobile OS (Black Berry OS, IPhone OS, Android OS, Windows Mobiles OS) • Connection & Troubleshooting for USB Devices under different OS (Windows OS, Linux OS, Mac OS) • Network Configuration and Troubleshooting for 3G routers and MIFI devices. • ADSL advanced Configuration (static IP, port forward, DVR configuration) • ADSL troubleshooting for line issues (line down, unstable, slow performance) 3 7thSaad El-Deen Square, 12525, GIZA, EGYPT Mobile: +18 / +94 Technical Skills • Windows, MAC O.S, Red hat Linux, AIX and Linux under system Z • VMware virtualization family Workstation, ESXi, vSphere and VCenter • Docker & Container technology • LDAP: o Microsoft Active Directory o IBM Security Directory Server (TDS) • Database: o Microsoft SQL server (Always On Availability Groups & Failover Cluster), o IBM DB2 (HADR with TSAMP & Shared Storage with TSAMP) o MongoDB (Run MongoDB Replica Set cluster as stateful on Kubernetes) • Application Server: IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment o WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a software product that performs the role of a web application server, it acts as software framework and middleware that hosts Java-based web applications • Webserver: IBM HTTP Server o IBM HTTP Server (IHS) is a web server based on the Apache Software Foundation's HTTP Server that runs on AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, JADE, Windows NT, IBM i and z/OS • Software Load balancer: IBM Edge Load balancer o WebSphere Application Server Edge Components for load balancing, caching and centralized security for enhanced performance at the edge of the network. • Software Load balancer: HAproxy o HAProxy is a free, very fast and reliable solution offering high availability, load balancing, and proxying for TCP and HTTP-based applications. It is particularly suited for very high traffic web sites and powers quite a number of the world's most visited ones. Over the years it has become the de-facto standard opensource load balancer, is now shipped with most mainstream Linux distributions, and is often deployed by default in cloud platforms. 4 7thSaad El-Deen Square, 12525, GIZA, EGYPT Mobile: +18 / +94 • IBM Control Desk v7 o IBM Control Desk unified IT asset and service management software provides a common control center for managing business processes for both digital and physical assets. It enables control, governance and compliance to applications, endpoints and assets to protect critical data and prevent outages. • IBM ECM Solution o IBM FileNet * The FileNet® P8 family of products includes back-end services, development tools, and applications that address enterprise content and process management requirements o IBM Case Manager * IBM Case Manager is the platform for the digitalization of your business processes and case processing. • IBM Cloud Pak for Automation: o IBM Cloud Pak for Automation offers design, build, run, and automation services to rapidly scale your programs and fully execute and operationalize an automation strategy. • IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: o IBM Cloud Pak for Integration offers a simplified solution to this integration challenge, allowing the enterprise to modernize its processes while positioning itself for future innovation. Once installed, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration eases monitoring, maintenance and upgrades, helping the enterprise stay ahead of the innovation curve. • IT Service Management: o IBM Netcool Operations Insight * IBM Netcool Operations Insight integrates infrastructure and operations management into a single coherent structure across business applications, virtualized servers, network devices and protocols, internet protocols, and security and storage devices. • Analytics Solution: o IBM Cognos Analytic 11 * Cognos Analytics V11 enhances the efficiency and capabilities of business users, report authors, and administrators alike through a simplification of and the graduated nature of its user experience. 5 7thSaad El-Deen Square, 12525, GIZA, EGYPT Mobile: +18 / +94 • DevOps tools o Kubernetes * Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services, that facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. * Building Kubernetes cluster with multi masters and worker nodes on bare metal * Provision Kubernetes Persistent Volumes * Using MetallB, traefik as load balancer and ingress controller * Using Helm chart in making application deployment easy, standardized and reusable, reduces deployment complexity, enhances operational readiness, and speeds up the adoption of cloud native apps o Docker * Docker is a set of coupled software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service products that use operating-system-level virtualization to develop and deliver software in packages called containers. * Creating Docker images using docker file, administrate and maintain docker environment o IBM UrbanCode Deploy (Devops-automation deployment) * UrbanCode Deploy is a tool for automating application deployments through your environments which provided: • Automated, consistent deployments and rollbacks of applications • Orchestration of changes across servers, tiers and components • Configuration and security differences across environments • Clear visibility: what is deployed where and who changed what • Integrated with middleware, provisioning and service virtualization o Jenkins * Install, configure, administrate and integrate Jenkins with other products ex: IBM RTC, GitLab, urban code, SonarQube and Artifactory to automate the non-human part of the software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery and automation deployment. o GitLab * Install, configure, administrate and integrate Gitlab as a source control installed directly on OS or inside a container. * Integrate Gitlab with IBM RTC, Jenkins and configure authentication with LDAP * Building fully automated Pipeline from Building, testing and deployment on UAT, Preproduction and production environments. 6 7thSaad El-Deen Square, 12525, GIZA, EGYPT Mobile: +18 / +94 o Artifactory * Install, configure, administrate and integrate artifactory that serves as a binary repository manager. o Docker Image Registry * Using Harbor as Docker Image Registry for Kubernetes. o Red Hat OpenShift v4.x * Install, configure and administrate OpenShift over Red Hat CoreOS o Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage * Install, configure and administrate OpenShift Container Storage Engineered as the data and storage services platform for Red Hat OpenShift o Elasticsearch * Install, configure and administrate EFK cluster for Kubernetes Pods logs and reports o Ansible * Automate Installation & Configuration for different products ex: WebSphere, FileNet, MSSQL, DB2, Kubernetes etc o Prometheus * Install, configure and administrate Prometheus as an open-source system monitoring and alerting toolkit for monitoring Kubernetes cluster o Rook Ceph * Rook turns distributed storage systems into self-managing, self-scaling, self-healing storage services. It automates the tasks of a storage administrator: deployment, bootstrapping, configuration, provisioning, scaling, upgrading, migration, disaster recovery, monitoring, and resource management. • Applications deployed on Kubernetes o Kafka o MongoDB o Prometheus o Nginx Ingress Controller o Elasticsearch, Fluentd and Kibana (EFK) o Jenkins & Gitlab o Artifactory & SonarQube 7 7thSaad El-Deen Square, 12525, GIZA, EGYPT Mobile: +18 / +94 o Harbor Image Registry o Rook Ceph o MetalLB o NFS dynamic Provisioning Courses

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