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egypt Cairo, Egypt ( GMT )
5 yrs Experience
Can Join Within 2 Months English: Advanced

Senior Software Engineer with experience in different technologies

Senior Software Engineer with experience in different technologies

Senior Software Engineer
Musala Soft
Mar'22- present

Cairo, Egypt (Remote) March 2022 - Present A software IT services and consulting company, specialized in complex geographically distributed enterprise projects Senior Software Engineer Worked with VW to transform a legacy application that depends on a license modern web stack application (Angular and Spring Boot) ● Saved 200k Euros in cost for license ● Enabled Data access for all VW employees through MongoDB ● Performance enhancement by 75% by elimination most of memory consumption for the legacy app ● Technologies used: Java, Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, MongoDB Senior Software Engineer Worked in internal project that automates the relocation of the new candidates and the existing employees ● Centralization of documents upload through SharePoint ● Decreased the human intervention by 80% ● Technologies used: Java, Spring Boot, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server

Senior Software Developer
Sep'17- Mar'22

Cairo, Egypt September 2017 - March 2022 A technology solutions provider in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, headquartered in Saudi Arabia Senior Software Developer (GDP) A governmental institute wanted to merge its 2 applications one for its employees and the other for its services to the public ● 200K + Downloads in Play store and Appstor ● Enhancing code maintenance by migrating both apps to Flutter ● Technologies Used: Flutter, Dart Senior Software Developer (SEC) The Saudi Electric Company had a legacy device that used to record the readings of the electric meter. Also the readings of electric meters used to be sent in batches ● Performance Enhancement by migrating the app to Android ● Decreased Delay by 60% by sending the reading of electric meters immediately to the server ● Technologies Used: Android, SQLite, WorkManager, Retrofit Senior Software Developer (Internal Training and Courses System) The intention for the project to introduce Angular and Spring technologies to the company. Along with having a system for training for its current and new employees ● Centralization of intern/employee performance monitoring through the system ● Introduced Angular and Spring technologies, enabling the company to take more projects using these technologies ● Technologies Used: Angular, Spring Boot, Oracle Database Software Developer (GAZT) A taxing institute wanted to have a mobile application for its web application system. Having no mobile developers at the time being. I was given 2 months to learn Android and develop the app ● Successfully Delivered the app with a tight schedule, leading to formation of dedicated mobile team. ● Enhancing accessibility and convenience for taxpayers, by deploying the app to the app store ● Technologies Used: Android Associate Software Developer (Payroll) A governmental institute wanted to develop their own payroll system as the existing enterprise solutions don't align with the needs of this institute. ● Paperwork Elimination. Leading to automation of salary calculations using our application ● Elimination of delays for bonuses and raises. ● Technologies Used: Java EE, JSF, Oracle Database . Skills ● Java (4/5) ● Spring Boot (4/5) ● SQL (Oracle/ MS SQL) (4/5) ● Kotlin (2/5) ● Docker (3/5) ● Kubernetes (3/5) ● Flutter (3/5) ● Microsoft Azure (3/5) ● Angular (3/5) ● Android (4/5) ● GraphQL (1/5) ● Dart (3/5) ● Kafka (1/5) ● Typescript (3/5)

From 2012 to 2017
Bachelor's Degree
Cairo University - Egypt

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