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pakistan Lahore, Pakistan ( GMT )
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I'm senior software engineer with 5+ years of experience mainly focusing on Backend development.

I'm senior software engineer with 5+ years of experience mainly focusing on Backend development.

Software Engineer
The ETS Sponsorship
May'21- present

Engaged in the development of a project tailored to meet the needs of veterans and retired personnel. - Prioritized the creation of well-structured and readable code, actively reviewing pull requests to maintain code quality. - Utilized Vue.js Composition API in conjunction with Typescript to enhance code organization and maintainability. - Established seamless integration with GWS APIs through the implementation of Laravel Jobs, enabling efficient data synchronization with the local database. - Maintained a user-facing web application leveraging the capabilities of NUXT.js. - As part of my quality assurance work, I reviewed code contributions to ensure they met our standards. I found code duplication, security issues, and performance problems. I worked with developers to refine the code and improve its quality. - Employed the SOLID design principles to ensure the project's scalability, maintainability, and resilience against bugs and errors. Invozone Pvt. Software Engineer: Oct 2022 - Apr 2023 Worked on several technologies like React.js, Typescript, Electron.js, Gatsby, Strapi, Graphql, WordPress, and more. - Activity Monitoring applications: - Worked on an electron.js application that will track the activities of the users and take screenshots after a random time span. - Synced the data from local machines to the live database. - The application is being used at my office which has around 2000 employees. - Quiz Management Portal: - Worked on a project which was a WordPress plugin responsible for creating questions and managing quizzes. - Worked on quiz taking and showing results to the students and teachers.

Software Engineer
Apr'21- Apr'21

Oct 2022 Worked on several technologies like PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, React.js, WordPress, Symfony, and Salesforce. - Job Portal Project: - This was a SAAS application and My responsibility on this project was to ensure a bug-free and smooth user enrollment and I ensured that the user can smoothly register and enroll into the system. - Another responsibility was to create new features for the project, so I converted the system to multi-tenant on the client's requirement. - My responsibility was to manage the deployments as well. So I worked on creating instances and managing them for the client. - This application is been used by 1000+ users - Event Management Project: - This project was for managing online and offline events and was responsible for creating an event and collecting payments from users. - My responsibility was to ensure the payments were working fine because there were duplicate payments on the system. So I fixed this main issue and enhanced the user experience by showing all the success and error messages to the user. - This application is been used by 4000+ users Other than that I have got a chance to learn Laravel LiveWire, Laravel PWA, Laravel Inertial, Salesforce, Symfony, React.Js, Vue.Js, and more things related to ubuntu servers alongside other things as well. Ashtext Solution

Web Developer Part Time
ERS Technology
Nov'19- Mar'20

- My main responsibility was the backend of different websites, web applications, and projects. - Used PHP/CodeIgniter as a back-end programming language/framework and for server-side scripting. - We developed different HTML Templates and Projects by using a combination of different languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, etc. Education, Certificates and Rewards VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY OF PAKISTAN Lahore, Pakistan Bachelor in Software Engineering (2.98 CGPA) 2

Computer Science
From 2015 to 2019
Bachelor's Degree
Virtual University of Pakistan - Pakistan

Job Portal

I have developed a job portal from scratch using Laravel, Vue.js and Next.js 

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