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My name is Mohamed Nabil. I am a software engineer. working with many stacks like ruby on rails and java springboot. I have an experience on CI/CD.

My name is Mohamed Nabil. I am a software engineer. working with many stacks like ruby on rails and java springboot. I have an experience on CI/CD.

Software Engineer
Jul'20- present

Broadband Authentication Platform Product: An application for a guest and resident Wi-Fi management software.

Senior Software Engineer
Jul'20- present

Carwah Product: An application for renting cars online, allowing users to track the availability of cars withing certain periods and track the nearest available cars

Software Engineer
Mar'20- Jun'20

◦ Tiro Product: A multi platform application used in online food Sordering website that allows you to place an order with over 600+ restaurants in Saudi Arabia. You can place your order in 3 simple steps: select your city & delivery area, then pick a restaurant or a choice of cuisine, finally place your order. Its based on Ruby on rails, Docker and Postgres.

Software Engineer
Jun'19- Feb'20

◦ Lucidya Product: A web application used in social media monitoring and analyzing tweets, posts and articles about different brands. Some modules that I worked on is implementing twitter historical stream based on elastic search, implementing Facebook support for Lucidya and enabled email analysis for CXM (customer support product).

Software Engineer
Navy Military Service
Oct'17- Sep'19

◦ Electronic Archiving, Document Management and Emailing System: A web application based on Java Spring Boot and Vue.js, used in offline file storage and helps in managing the creation, capture, indexing and storage of the records of an organization. Also allow sharing and simultaneous editing to documents based on TCP sockets and Google diff match patch.

Software Engineer
Jul'17- Mar'18

◦ Customer Segmentaion: A web application based on Vuejs, R, Javalite, Spark, Hadoop. Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests and spending habits using Kmeans algorithm.

Software Engineer
Jul'16- Jul'17

◦ SocialHub (Web Application in Digital Marketing): A web application based on Ruby on Rails, Java EE, MySQL and MongoDB, used in streaming data from different social media platforms to make sentiment identification on it in order to create metrics on the gathered data, make engagement on them and create scheduled campaigns on multiple social media platforms. ◦ Annotation System for labeling data: A web application based on Javalite and MySQL, used in labeling data and correcting it, also to monitor the annotators and their progress and perform analytics on the labeled data so it can be used in sentimenet identification.

Computer Science and Engineering
to 2016
Bachelor's Degree
Faculty of engineering, Alexandria university

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