Dusan Todorovic
serbia Serbia ( GMT +01:00 )
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Summer Analyst Software Engineer
Freelance work
Jul'19- Dec'20

Internship - Full stack development of financial technologies using C# and TypeScript. June 2022 - Avg 2022 ' Lightning apps - Freelance Mobile Game Developer Made six mobile phone games that are available on Google Play. July 2019 - Mart 2020 Projects ' Demeter - Agriculture solution using Huawei Cloud Technologies: Winner of the first prize at Huawei Developer Competition Europe. Solution for automating agriculture and lowering the pollution made by pesticides and insecticide as well as lowering the need for monocultures. The solution consists of IoT drones that scan the farm, AI for extracting features of ill plants, backend servers and frontend application for tracking activity. ' Kernel - Functional multi-threaded OS kernel: Fully functional operating system kernel developed in C++ using BCC toolkit. Implemented multi-threaded support for non-multithreaded kernel, Semaphores, Events, and Fork. ' Game Engine - Functional lightweight Game Engine: Developed with C++ using SFML as a media library. Features Unity and Godot like component system, scene management, collisions, simple physics, and UI layer. Node class methods such as Start, Update, Destroy and Collision can be overridden for custom game object functionality. ' Stock Market Simulator - Desktop application for simulating stock market: Stock Market Simulator is a fully functional trading application showing real-life stock prices with the ability to buy and sell them with fictional money. Developed C++ version using FLTK GUI Framework. Developed Java version using Swing and JNI with libraries written in C++. ' Mobile controlled and Self-Driving Smart Car Toy: Features STM32 microcontroller for controlling the car, ESP32 for live camera feed, and WebSocket communication with the app made in Flutter. The car is capable of self-driving using C++ OpenCV algorithms for lane line detection. Users can also control the car using an application. Equipped with sensors, the car can turn on or off lights if it's too dark and stop in case of an object up ahead. ' Sara - MVC web shop: Features modern MVC webshop made using Flutter for frontend and PHP Laravel for the backend. Database made in MySQL. Local data persist in Hive. Innovative web shop shows products based on current weather conditions. Before buying, a user can try out products on a virtual manikin. ' MicroJava Compiler: Compiler for MicroJava language. The compiler features a lexer, parser, semantic analyzer, and code generator. Written in Java using JFlex and JCup. MicroJava language features global variables, functions, local variables, conditions, while and for loops, as well as foreach loop for iterating over arrays.

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