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6 yrs Experience
Can Join ASAP English: Advanced

Software Engineer
IpBurger VPN
Jan'19- Dec'19

IpBurger is a vpn that is sold online on a website built using WHMCS. • Created a page for Up-sells. This involved querying for the purchased product aKer purchased has just been done, then query a product to up-sell and display on the Up-sells page based on the product purchased and finally accepNng the payment from user if accepted. • I did this by coding hooks at various levels in the WHMCS ecosystem and handling payments from the user. 

• Implemented one page checkout. This involved combining all pages on the current website into a single page so that it is a seamless checkout process for the user. This is challenging due to various parameters involved in the purchase (Like locaNon, proxy locaNon, type of vpn, Nme frame of vpn and locaNsaNon, accepNng payments) • Implemented 3-d secure payments 
• Worked on various ad-hoc tasks on frontend on a day to day basis.

Jan'18- present

Created a revenue making company with a team of 2 others. But had to take it down due to low funding. Built several products, most notably a 'coupons and cashback website' and 'Chrome extension to automaNcally apply coupons on checkout at several online shopping stores'. And also several chrome extensions that helped us scrap coupons, HTML and other properNes from the web. • Challenges include wriNng authenNcaNon module that uses Facebook, Google and e-mail. Coded the server in expressjs and used helmet.js and passport.js (for authenNcaNon). To store this data we used MongoDB hosted as a separate process on the same server. • Several processes are simultaneously orchestrated on a single server using PM2. This was a huge progress as we already architected our soluNon in a micro-service fashion to be able to turn on/off services on a need to basis. We used docker to simplify CI/CD pipelines. The whole project is hosted on AWS • There are several other challenges related to container orchestraNon, chrome extension development and management areas. This was the most difficult project I tackled.

Jan'17- Dec'17

Created a chrome extension that uses Stanford NLP engine to perform NER(Named EnNty RecogniNon) on the current webpage. This tool is used at Factmata to detect and analyse the truth of fact checkable claims.

Piggy CoFundraising
Jan'17- Dec'17

• Piggy is a chrome extension to automaNcally fetch and apply coupons on various online shopping stores in the US(about 35k stores). Programmers regularly update rulesets(a programaNc descripNon of the HTML elements on a web page) based on changes to the store and coupons. • Started as a junior developer, created a chrome extension to automaNcally extract and scrape several properNes from an online shopping store. This helped developers to write rulesets that are used in automaNc coupon applicaNon extension. • Created a chrome extension that converts all open tabs to json objects and saves the properNes to a file. This indirectly increased the revenues by 6x. We could close down 3 months of work on cashback stores within a week using this extension. • Created another chrome extension that increased developer rulesets output by +5-6/day. A developer usually creates 3-4 rulesets a day. My chrome extension increased this number to 8-9/day.

Research Intern
Playpower Labs
Dec'16- Feb'17

Software Engineer Intern
Jun'16- Aug'16

Created several components in React that communicate with a streaming database. Streaming database is a db that has push/pull/event listening capabiliNes that allow real-Nme updates to frontend components as opposed to tradiNonal databases that work on querying model. • Created a data-browser DejaVu that talks to the streaming databases for real-Nme updates. This library has 50k+ stars on Github and was more trending than React when released.

Software Engineer Fullstack
May'16- Aug'16

• Fixed several XSS vulnerabiliNes that broke producNon. Also fixed several UI bugs on a daily basis. • Built front-end for cart checkout for mulNple items. IniNally only single purchases were allowed on the shopping site. The site is built on React-redux. • Re-wrieen front-end middleware to batch process api requests that speeds up the response Nme • Improved behaviour of paginaNon at several pages across the site. • Built text editor using DraK.js for the item details secNon.

So3ware Engineer Intern
Jun'15- Aug'15

May'15- Aug'15

TARDIS (Temperature And RadioacNve Diffusion In Supernovae) is a tool that creates syntheNc observaNons (spectra) for exploding stars (supernovae). • Created a test suite for simulaNons. SimulaNons are Montecarlo processes that represent the explosion of Supernova. AKer this simulaNon their ejecta (final properNes like electron densiNes and output energies) are recorded. Prior to my joining there were no tests. I was responsible for integraNng the first tests to this soKware. • The challenge was to write tests in python that called funcNons in C. TARDIS is wrieen in pure C so that the language constructs are efficiently mapped to machine instrucNons directly and there is no Nme overhead. As a soluNon they used Cython as a glue to call these C functions from Python. I used ctypes as a soluNon and integrated pytest for Test Suites. • Another Challenge was, due to the sheer complexity of the soluNon the iniNal parameters of Supernova have to be carefully reviewed so that the simulaNon doesn't break due to SegmentaNon fault. I thoroughly familiarised myself with the core funcNons for this purpose. • I helped implement the CI/CD pipeline which uses Azure framework for execuNng tests on the fly.

Software Engineer
Playpower Labs
Jun'14- Aug'14

Created an app to recognise hand wrieen digits drawn by children on an iPad. Used MNIST hand wrieen digits dataset which is a 28x28 pixel dataset. Applied PCM(Principle Component Analysis) to remove redundant vectors, then appled KNN with SVM to tran the data model. I injected this model into the app using AcNonScript 3.

B.Tech in information and communication Technology (ICT)
to 2016
Bachelor's Degree
Gandhinagar, Gujrat DA-IICT


I have been building Rocketgraph for the last 11 months in complete silence. This month I did a small launch on dev.to and it was a huge hit bringing in over 30 customers.

RocketGraph is a complete back-end. It is open-source. It comes with some powerful functionality

It offers the following functionality:

  1. Authentication: Email/password and social(Github, Facebook and Google support. More coming soon). Magic link, MFA support coming soon.
  2. GraphQL API: A Hasura console is provided with which you can apply granular level authorizations on your Postgres DB
  3. Postgres DB: A postgres DB is provided you cann psql into. Again this comes with tables created for Authentication and Payments
  4. Stripe Integration: Stripe integration is in Alpha phase. It automatically adds products in your DB to Stripe, creates customers and invoices and handles subscriptions/purchases. 

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