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I am a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience developing native and hybrid mobile applications. I love implementing and scaling software solutions with standard software development practices. I am looking forward to expand my scale of expertise in mobile development.

I am a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience developing native and hybrid mobile applications. I love implementing and scaling software solutions with standard software development practices. I am looking forward to expand my scale of expertise in mobile development.

Mobile Engineer Flutter
Jeetar Technology
May'21- Jul'22

Collaborated with the mobile app lead to coordinate and develop various apps for the Jeetar brand. Below are the apps developed with a summary of what they do; • Jeetar: A location-based grocery delivery app where users shop track and get their orders delivered to them in the shortest possible time. The application provides users with dynamic services based on the users' location. It also has a wallet feature and many attractive features. • Jeetar Merchant: An admin app that enables merchants to manage products listed for their stores, it is highly customizable. It also helps users manage incoming orders seamlessly and Increase their sales. • Jeetar Rider: An app for Jeetar delivery officials, which helps riders manage orders that have been processed and assigned to them. It provides additional features which enable riders to schedule their availability and track their daily profit. • Jeetar Inventory App: It consists of features for managing their stocks and processing orders made from the Jeeter app. Merchants can set their store open and close times, communicate with customers via in-app chat, and monitor their profits easily.

Mobile Engineer Flutter
Union Systems
Jul'20- Nov'21

• Owned the development of Kachasi Mobile, a custom trade finance application used by banks, forex, importation, and exportation stakeholders for tracking and approving local and international trade transactions. I Applied Clean Architecture & TDD principles which improved the readability, robustness & scalability of the app. • Enhanced and implemented new designs for Optimus mobile app, a multi-bank trade finance portal used by several banks in and outside Nigeria. The app was designed for internal officials of our clients, to monitor and track different transactions. • Delivered several modules, such as discounted deposit deals, call deposits, and bonds for Egora, a treasury application, used by the treasury department in financial institutions, for managing transactions and to help them maximize their profit.

Mobile Engineer Flutter
Dec'19- Aug'20

• Single-handedly developed an employee management system mobile app (BestFit Recruitment Services) for a client. The app had features such as attendance logging, leave requests, and profile and role management for both employees and the admin app. • I led a team of 3 developers to build Wearmakers, a fashion inspiration app that enables fashion designers and other artists to share their works online and get inspiration. I wrote features for multiple image uploads, authentication, and user profile modules. I wrote unit tests that improved the code quality and test coverage. • Oversaw the development of SM Pro, a mobile app that helps users share and repost WhatsApp status. It works for both Whatsapp and Business Whatapp. I wrote a custom library for sending files directly to the targeted app on the user's device.

Mobile Engineer Native
Xend Finance
Jan'19- Jul'19

• I developed a POC android app for Xend. It's an app for sending and receiving money via online and offline channels. The POC was to validate sending money offline. I also wrote the first version of the Android SDK. • Implemented customer feedback and rating features on Xend. I also detected and fixed bugs that improved the security and feature performance of the app on both the mobile and server-side. • I worked in a team of three to develop an attendance application with facial recognition. The application works by detecting staff entering the building. It then logs the attendance, saves it in the cloud, and generates reports at the end of the month. • Converted several UI designs into code, and also wrote custom features for Xend Fiance, an app that makes it easy to save, invest and earn higher annual returns in a stable currency.

Mobile Engineer Native
Feb'18- Aug'18

• Planned and delivered the development of FastGov, a mobile and web self-help system for a quick response from the FCT Administration with features such as meeting scheduling, document request, document upload video calling, and location sharing on the native android app with firebase. • Expanded features on Applinic, by improving and adding features such as payment and medication tracking. Applinic is a mobile and web platform that helps patients find physicians and special centers around them, book appointments, and manage their medical records. • Accelerated the development of Aniss, a security app similar to Fastgov with customized features for the Anambra State Government. The project consists of both the client and admin apps. TOOLS & TECHNOLOGIES Flutter, Dart, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Javascript, OOP, TDD, Clean Architecture, Clean Code, MVVM, Agile Development, Bloc, Provider, Dependency Injection / Service Locators, Firebase, Git, Gitflow, Cl/CD, Code magic, Flavours, Streams, Postman, Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, AWS, Google Cloud, GraphQL, REST API, Spring boot, Node js, Ubuntu, Docker

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