Product Manager Course Developer

germany Berlin, Germany
20hr/week Starts ASAP GMT +02:00
Starts ASAP GMT +02:00
We are seeking an experienced individual with 2-5 years in product management to participate in designing the course content. In collaboration with a small team, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks to ensure the success of the Bootcamp:

Key Responsibilities:
  • Researching Material: Conduct research on the latest trends, tools, and methodologies in product management. Gather relevant resources, case studies, and real-world examples to create course content. 
  • Evaluate and select appropriate materials to ensure the curriculum is up-to-date and comprehensive.
  • Developing Diverse Learning Formats: Create learning formats, including group exercises, individual research, group discussions, and quizzes. Tailor these formats to accommodate different learning styles and ensure they provide an inclusive and engaging learning environment.
  • Planning Lectures: Design and structure lectures that cover the essential topics of product management. Prepare detailed lecture notes, slide decks, and supplementary materials. Ensure that the lectures are logically sequenced, easy to follow, and provide clear learning objectives.
  • Integrating Practical Examples: Incorporate practical examples and real-world scenarios to illustrate key concepts and techniques in product management. Develop case studies and projects that allow participants to apply their knowledge in realistic settings.
  • Solid understanding of the full product development cycle
  • Strong knowledge of current frameworks and techniques in product management
  • Availability to start immediately for a duration of approximately three months
  • Flexibility in work hours, with a minimum commitment of 25 hours per week
  • The position is fully remote
Ideal candidates will bring practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge to help create a valuable and engaging course.

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