QA Tester

malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
40hr/week Starts ASAP GMT +08:00
Starts ASAP GMT +08:00
We're looking for a Talented QA Tester to work REMOTELY with our Partner in Malaysia

Employment Type: Full-time

Scope of Work:
The Tester will primarily focus on evaluating the performance, functionality, and user experience of existing and new websites across various projects and retainers. The responsibilities include:

Existing Websites, Ongoing Projects, Retainers:

  • Conduct regular website health checks independently, meticulously identifying and documenting any irregularities.
Proactively identify issues related to website content, formatting, loading speed, checkout funnel, and other relevant aspects.
Compile comprehensive reports containing key website performance metrics for relevant teams to address, while exploring opportunities to automate these processes.
Document identified issues and bugs in ClickUp following pre-set templates, ensuring clarity and detail.
Monitor the resolution of reported issues and contribute to post-deployment quality control processes.

New Projects:
Participate in testing new projects during the development and staging phases.
Contribute to testing projects in pre-production environments.
Document testing results in ClickUp and assist in post-deployment quality control, adhering to established templates.
Verify the resolution of identified issues and ensure the implementation of appropriate reports and monitoring mechanisms for new projects.

Explore and implement automated testing solutions to enhance manual testing capabilities over time.
Establish and maintain effective tracking and monitoring tools for testing, reporting, and performance evaluation.
Ensure adherence to an action-oriented process independent of execution teams, facilitating seamless communication and issue resolution.
Define and monitor simple yet critical metrics for each project, website, or client to ensure thorough testing coverage.

Required Skills:
Proficiency in utilizing monitoring tools such as GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools, DigitalOcean, Cloudflare, and MS Clarity for performance tracking, uptime monitoring, resource tracking, and user experience analysis.

Note: Experience with the mentioned monitoring tools is a plus.

This role offers an opportunity to contribute significantly to the quality assurance processes of ongoing and upcoming projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality websites and exceptional user experiences.
2 months ago